Vineyard and Terroir

The vineyards, about 8 hectares are located in the flat area of San Miniato territory and sink their roots in a complex (ground) medium dough sandy silt (SOIL ), with the presence of marine fossils and clay. The proximity to the Arno River creates a mild microclimate: the winds between the mountains and the sea mitigate the summers and facilitate the temperature range.

In our land we grow several natives vines varieties, white Trebbiano Toscano and red Canaiolo, are our favorites. We have selected different varietal clones and we grow it with Guyot pruning to develop its strength and vigor. The Canaiolo diffuse in Tuscany, historically used with Sangiovese and Malvasia in Chianti blend, in our sparkling wine is vinified pure.

The Cellar

The cellar has been restored in 2007 to ensure greater functionality of the production process and to make it suitable for both winemaking, white vinification and red vinification. Keeping the traditional cement vats, glazed inside, equipped with temperature control.

Vinification, Method and Production

Cupelli sparkling wines are produced with tuscan native grapes, selected and harvested by hand.
The selection of the grapes is fundamental to guarantee a quality wine and we choose only the perfectly healthy ones during the harvest, usually in August
The soft pressing allows not to alter the fragrance of the juice keeping intact peel and grape seed.
The alcoholic fermentation take place in cement vat at low temperature to maintain the freshness and aroma of the fruit.
The grape juice is selected during the pressing, with the first pressing must ( mosto fiore) we make the best cuvè, every vineyard is harvested and vinified separately and we blend them before bottling. The second fermentation takes place in the bottle and the maturation on the yeast lasts from 18 to 60 months, plus two months of aging after disgorgement.
The bottles of sparkling wine age in little light and constant temperatures suitable cellar, to gaine quality.
We kept an important bond with the past and tradition continuing Tuscan Vin Santo production in remembrance of Amelio.