The heir, is by definition,
The successor and guardian of a tradition.

Being Heir means cultivating native Tuscan vines,
take care of the vine, recover the old plants.
Carry out an ethical and sustainable viticulture.

Rose Erede

Brut Rosè Classic Method – Canaiolo 100%

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Brut Erede

Brut Classic Method - Trebbiano Toscano 100%

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Brut Nature Erede

Millesimato Brut Classic Method - Trebbiano Toscano 100%

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True, frank, Tuscan.
Amelio is the nectar of the Earth
of our origins.


Freshness and personality
in a bubble
young and simple

Campo isola

Soft and velvety taste,
good structure enriched by sapidity
typical of our Tuscan Trebbiano.

The Earth and the tasting

Come and visit us in San Miniato
to savor our products
and discover our land.


the Cupelli company has been cultivating vines since 1952…

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San Miniato

the suitable lands welcome various types of native vines…

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The Cupelli spumanti winery is pleased to open its doors to friends and enthusiasts…

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